Ford Kuga Manuals and Service & Repair information

Owners manuals, service and repair manuals for Ford Kuga SUV

Ford Kuga Manuals and Service & Repair information

The new Ford Kuga delivers an even more technologically advanced, refined and affordable sports utility vehicle (SUV), making driving simpler, safer and more enjoyable for growing numbers of SUV customers in Europe. On our site you can find different types of manuals: owners, service and repair and other helpfull information for Ford Kuga. Ford Kuga’s intelligent All Wheel Drive system continually monitors your driving environment, optimising traction to direct power between wheels as required. A display on the cluster panel shows the drive going to each wheel, helping you stay alert to any changes in the road conditions. Experience a new expression of Ford with Kuga Vignale. Ford Vignale features exclusive styling with hexagonal-style mesh front grille, unique alloy wheels and a luxurious leather interior. The vehicles shine with craftsmanship and attention to detail. Check our Vignale brochure for more information.

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