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Alarm System

Your vehicle may have one of the following alarm systems:

  • Perimeter alarm.
  • Perimeter alarm with interior sensors.
  • Category one alarm with interior sensors and battery back-up sounder.

Perimeter Alarm

The perimeter alarm is a deterrent against unauthorized access to your vehicle through the doors and the hood. It also protects the audio unit.

Interior Sensors

Interior Sensors


  • Do not cover up the interior lamp unit sensors.
  • Do not arm the alarm with full guard if passengers, animals or other moving objects are inside your vehicle.

The sensors act as a deterrent against unauthorized intrusion by sensing any movement within your vehicle.

Battery Back-up Sounder

The battery back-up sounder is an extra alarm system which will sound a siren when the alarm is triggered. When you lock your vehicle the system is armed. The sounder has its own battery and will sound an alarm siren even if someone disconnects your vehicle battery or the battery back-up sounder itself.

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