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Unique Driving Characteristics


Note: For vehicles with auto-start-stop, the battery requirement is different. It must be replaced by one of exactly the same specification as the original.

The system reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by shutting down the engine when your vehicle is idling, for example at traffic lights. The engine will automatically restart when you press the clutch pedal or when required by a vehicle system, for example to recharge the battery.

To obtain maximum benefit from the system, move the transmission lever to neutral and release the clutch pedal during any stop of longer than three seconds.

Using Auto-Start-Stop


  • The engine may restart automatically if required by the system.
  • Switch the ignition off before opening the hood or carrying out any maintenance.
  • Always switch the ignition off before leaving your vehicle, as the system may have shut down the engine but the ignition will still be live.

Note: The system only operates when the engine is warm and the outside temperature is within the operating temperature limits of the system. Note: If you stall the engine, and then press the clutch pedal within a short period of time, the system will automatically restart the engine.

Note: The auto-start-stop indicator will illuminate green when the engine shuts down. See Warning Lamps and Indicators

Note:When the auto-start-stop indicator flashes amber, shift into neutral or press the clutch pedal. Note: If the system detects a malfunction, it will switch off. Have your vehicle checked by an authorized dealer. Note:When you switch the system off, the switch will illuminate. Note: The system automatically turns on every time you switch the ignition on. To switch the system off, press the switch in the instrument panel. The system will only be switched off for the current ignition cycle.

To turn it on, press the switch again. For item location: See At a Glance

To Stop the Engine

1. Stop your vehicle.

2. Shift into neutral.

3. Release the clutch pedal.

4. Release the accelerator pedal.

The system may not shut down the engine under certain conditions, for example:

  • To maintain the interior climate.
  • Low battery voltage.
  • The outside temperature is too low or too high.
  • The driver door has been opened.
  • Low engine operating temperature.
  • Low brake system vacuum.
  • If a road speed of 3 mph (5 km/h) has not been exceeded.
  • The driver safety belt has not been fastened.

To Re-Start the Engine

Note: The transmission must be in neutral

Press the clutch pedal.

The system may automatically restart the engine under certain conditions, for example:

  • Low battery voltage.
  • To maintain the interior climate.

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