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Capacities and Specifications
Capacities and Specifications - 2.5L


The air conditioning refrigerant system contains refrigerant R-134a under high pressure. Only qualified personnel should service the air conditioning refrigerant system. Opening the air conditioning refrigerant system can cause personal injury.



Adding Engine Oil

Quantity of engine oil required to raise the indicated level on the dipstick from minimum to maximum.




Only use fluid that meets Ford specifications.

If you are unable to find an engine oil that meets the specification defined by WSS-M2C913-C, it is acceptable to use a SAE 5W-20 engine oil that is defined by ACEA A5/B5.

Note: Do not use more than 0.2 gal (1 L) between scheduled service intervals.

If you use oil and fluids that do not meet the defined specification and viscosity grade this may lead to:

  • Component damage which may not be covered by the vehicle Warranty.
  • Longer engine cranking periods.
  • Increased emission levels.
  • Reduced engine performance.
  • Reduced fuel economy.
  • Degraded brake performance.

We recommend Castrol and Ford engine oils and lubricants.

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