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Closing the Liftgate


The bounce-back feature will not work and it will not detect obstacles when the liftgate is in contact with the vehicle body.

Note: Do not leave a passive key in your vehicle when closing the liftgate. A message will be shown in the display. See Information Messages

Note: A recessed grip is located inside the liftgate to help with closing.

You can either:

  • Press the button on the remote control twice within three seconds.
  • Press the center console switch or the liftgate switch.
  • Use the liftgate release handle.
  • Use the hands-free feature.
  • Manually close the liftgate

Closing the Liftgate

The liftgate will close automatically when it comes into contact with the vehicle body.

Programming the Liftgate

1. Open the liftgate.

2. Manually move the liftgate to the new required position.

3. Press and hold the liftgate switch for at least three seconds. You will hear a chime.

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