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Data Recording

A large number of electronic components of your vehicle contain data storage modules temporarily or permanently storing technical data about the condition of the vehicle, events and errors.

In general, this technical information documents the condition of parts, modules, systems or the environment:

  • Operating conditions of system components (e.g. filling levels).
  • Status messages of the vehicle and its individual components (e.g. number of wheel revolutions/rotational speed, deceleration, lateral acceleration).
  • Malfunction and defects in important system components (e.g. lighting and brake system).
  • Vehicle reactions in particular driving situations (e.g. inflation of an airbag, activation of the stability regulation system).
  • Environmental conditions (e.g.


These data are exclusively technical and help identification and correction of errors as well as optimisation of vehicle functions. Motion profiles indicating travelled routes cannot be created with these data.

If services are used (e.g. repair works, service processes, warranty cases, quality assurance), employees of the service network (including manufacturers) are able to read out this technical information from the event and error data storage modules using special diagnostic devices.

If required, you will receive further information. After an error has been corrected, these data are deleted from the error storage module or they are constantly overwritten.

When using the vehicle, situations may occur in which these technical data related to other information (accident report, damages on the vehicle, witness statements etc.) may be associated with a specific person - possibly, with the assistance of an expert.

Additional functions contractually agreed upon with the client (e.g. vehicle location in emergency cases) allow the transmission of particular vehicle data from the vehicle.

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