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Audio System
Digital Radio

The system allows you to listen to DAB (Digital Audio Broadcast) radio stations.

Note:Coverage differs from region to region and will influence the quality of reception.

It is broadcast nationwide, regionally and locally.

The following formats are supported:

  • DAB
  • DAB+
  • DMB-Audio (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting).


Ensembles contain a group of radio stations. Each ensemble can consist of several different radio stations.

The radio station name displays below the ensemble name.

Note:When you tune from one ensemble to another, it can take a while until the system synchronizes to the next ensemble.

The system mutes during synchronization.

Selecting Radio Band

DAB1 and DAB2 operate in the same way.

You can store up to 10 different presets on each band.

1. Press the RADIO button.

2. Press the left arrow button to display the available wavebands.

3. Select DAB1 or DAB2.

Radio Station Tuning Control

Press the RADIO button and select DAB1 or DAB2. Both preset banks operate in the same way and can store up to 10 different preset radio stations.

Note:When you reach the first or last radio station within an ensemble, further tuning will skip to the next ensemble. There may be a delay during this change and the audio will briefly mute.

Seek Tuning

1. Press a seek button. The system will stop at the first radio station it finds in the direction chosen.

Radio Station List

This feature displays all the available radio stations in a list.

1. Press function button 1.

2. Press the left or right arrow buttons to change ensembles. Press the up or down arrow button to navigate to your required radio station.

3. Press OK to confirm your selection.

Note: The display will only show radio stations in the current ensemble.

Manual Tuning

1. Press function button 2.

2. Press the left or right arrow button to tune up or down the waveband in small increments. Press and hold to move through the waveband quickly.

3. Press OK to confirm your selection.

Note: Seek tuning is also possible within this screen.

Radio Station Preset Buttons

This feature allows you to store up to 10 favorite radio stations from any ensemble in each preset bank.

1. Select a radio station.

2. Press and hold one of the preset buttons. A progress bar and message will appear. When the progress bar completes the radio station has been stored. The system will mute momentarily as confirmation.

Once stored press a preset button at any time to select a favourite radio station.

Note: Radio stations stored on the preset buttons may not always be available if you have left the coverage area. The system will mute when this happens.

Radio Text

You can display extra information. For example; artist name. To switch this option on, select a radio station and press function button 3.

Note: Extra information may not always be available.

Service Linking

If you leave the coverage area of a DAB radio station the system will automatically switch to the corresponding FM radio station.

You can switch this feature on and off using the information display.

Note: If a DAB radio station has no corresponding FM radio station, the audio will mute when attempting to switch.

Note: The system will display the FM symbol when DAB and FM radio stations link.

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