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Electromagnetic Compatibility


Your vehicle has been tested and certified to legislations relating to electromagnetic compatibility (72/245/EEC, UN ECE Regulation 10 or other applicable local requirements). It is your responsibility to make sure that any equipment you have fitted complies with applicable local legislations. Have any equipment fitted by an authorized dealer.


  • The radio frequency transmitter equipment, for example cellular telephones and amateur radio transmitters, may only be fitted to your vehicle if they keep to the parameters shown in the table below. There are no special provisions or conditions for installations or use.
  • Do not mount any transceiver, microphones, speakers, or any other item in the deployment path of the airbag system.
  • Do not fasten antenna cables to original vehicle wiring, fuel pipes and brake pipes.
  • Keep antenna and power cables at least 3.9 in (10 cm) from any electronic modules and airbags.

Electromagnetic Compatibility

Electromagnetic Compatibility

Note: After the installation of radio frequency transmitters, check for disturbances from and to all electrical equipment in your vehicle, both in the standby and transmit modes.

Check all electrical equipment:

  • With the ignition on.
  • With the engine running.
  • During a road test at various speeds.

Check that electromagnetic fields generated inside your vehicle cabin by the transmitter installed do not exceed applicable human exposure requirements.

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