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Exterior Mirrors

Power Exterior Mirrors


Do not adjust the mirrors when your vehicle is moving.

Power Exterior Mirrors

A Left-hand mirror

B Off

C Right-hand mirror

Power Exterior Mirrors

Press the arrows to adjust the mirror.

Automatic Folding and Unfolding

The mirrors will fold automatically when you lock your vehicle with the key, the remote control or a keyless entry system request. The mirrors will unfold when you unlock your vehicle with the key, the remote control, a keyless entry system request or the driver side interior door handle.

Note: If you fold the mirrors using the manual fold button, you can only unfold them again manually.

Manual Folding and Unfolding

The electric folding mirrors operate with the ignition on, and for several minutes after you switch the ignition off.

Note: They will no longer operate if you switch the ignition off and open a door.

Manual Folding and Unfolding

Press the button to fold or unfold the mirrors.

Press the button again to stop and reverse the direction of movement.

Note: Continuous folding and unfolding of the mirrors will cause them to overheat and shut down for a short time. This is to avoid permanent damage.

Fold-Away Exterior Mirrors

Push the mirror toward the door window glass. Make sure that you fully engage the mirror in its support when returning it to its original position.

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