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Fuel Quality - Gasoline


  • Do not mix gasoline with oil, diesel or other liquids. This could cause a chemical reaction.
  • Do not use leaded gasoline or gasoline with additives containing other metallic compounds (e.g.

    manganese-based). They could damage the emission system.

Note:We recommend that you use only high quality fuel.

Note:We do not recommend the use of additional additives or other engine treatments for normal vehicle use.

Use minimum 95 octane unleaded gasoline that meets the specification defined by EN 228 or the equivalent national specification.

Your vehicle is suitable for use with ethanol blends up to 10% (E5 and E10).

Long-Term Storage

Most gasoline contains ethanol. We recommend that you fill the fuel tank with fuel that does not contain ethanol if you intend to store your vehicle for more than two months. Alternatively, we recommend that you seek advice from an authorized dealer.

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    Ford Kuga Owners Manual / Fuel and Refueling / Fuel Quality - Gasoline

    Ford Kuga Owners Manual

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