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Load Carrying
General Information


  • Use load securing straps to an approved standard, e.g. DIN.
  • Make sure that you secure all loose items properly.
  • Place luggage and other loads as low and as far forward as possible within the luggage or loadspace.
  • Do not drive with the liftgate or rear door open. Exhaust fumes may enter your vehicle.
  • Do not exceed the maximum front and rear axle loads for your vehicle.

    See Vehicle Identification Plate

  • Do not allow items to contact the rear windows.

Note:When loading long objects in to your vehicle, for example pipes, timber or furniture be careful not to damage the interior trim.

Luggage Anchor Points

Luggage Anchor Points

Luggage Retention Nets

Note: Your vehicle does not have luggage retention net anchor points fitted behind the first or second row seats.

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