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Have your vehicle serviced regularly to help maintain its roadworthiness and resale value. There is a large network of Ford authorized repairers that are there to help you with their professional servicing expertise. Authorized repairers are best qualified to service your vehicle properly and expertly, with a wide range of highly specialized tools.

In addition to regular servicing, we recommend that you carry out the following checks.


  • Switch the ignition off before touching or attempting adjustment of any kind.
  • Do not touch the electronic ignition system parts after you have switched the ignition on or when the engine is running. The system operates at high voltage.
  • Keep your hands and clothing clear of the engine cooling fan. Under certain conditions, the fan may continue to run for several minutes after you have switched the engine off.
  • Make sure that you fit filler caps securely after carrying out maintenance checks.

Daily Checks

  • Exterior lamps.
  • Interior lamps.
  • Warning lamps and indicators.

Check When Refueling

  • Engine oil level. See Engine Oil Check
  • Brake fluid level.
  • Washer fluid level. See Washer Fluid Check
  • Tire pressures (when cold). See Technical Specifications
  • Tire condition. See Wheels and Tires

Monthly Checks

  • Engine coolant level (engine cold). See Engine Coolant Check
  • Pipes, hoses and reservoirs for leaks.
  • Air conditioning operation.
  • Parking brake operation.
  • Horn operation
  • Tightness of lug nuts. See Technical Specifications

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    Ford Kuga Owners Manual / Maintenance / General Information

    Ford Kuga Owners Manual

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