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Trailer Sway Control


Turning off trailer sway control increases the risk of loss of vehicle control, serious injury or death. Ford does not recommend disabling this feature except in situations where speed reduction may be detrimental (such as hill climbing), the driver has significant trailer towing experience, and can control trailer sway and maintain safe operation.

Note: This feature does not prevent trailer sway, but reduces it once it begins.

Note: This feature cannot stop all trailers from swaying.

Note: In some cases, if vehicle speed is too high, the system may activate multiple times, gradually reducing vehicle speed.

This feature applies the vehicle brakes at individual wheels and, if necessary, reduces engine power. If the trailer begins to sway, the stability control light flashes. The first thing to do is slow the vehicle down, then pull safely to the side of the road and check for proper tongue load and trailer load distribution. See Load Carrying

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