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Unlocking Your Vehicle

Note: Your vehicle does not automatically lock. If you do not touch a locking sensor your vehicle will remain unlocked.

Unlocking Your Vehicle

The locking sensors are on the front door handles.

Touch a locking sensor once to lock your vehicle and arm the alarm.

Touch a locking sensor twice within three seconds to double lock your vehicle and arm the alarm.

Note:When locking your vehicle, do not grip the door handle. Note: Keep the door handle clean to make sure the system operates correctly. Note: Your vehicle will remain locked for a few seconds. When the delay period is over, you can open the doors again, provided the passive key is within the respective detection range.

Two short flashes of the direction indicators confirms that all the doors and the liftgate have been locked and that the alarm has been armed.


The liftgate will not fully close if a passive key is located inside the luggage compartment with the doors locked.

Note: If a second passive key is located within the liftgate detection range, the liftgate can be fully closed.

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