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Using Driver Alert

Switching the System On and Off

Note: The system will remain on or off depending on how it was last set.

Switch the system on using the information display. See Information Displays

The system will calculate your alertness level based upon your driving behavior in relation to the lane markings and other factors.

System Warnings

Note: The system will not issue warnings below approximately 40 mph (65 km/h).

The warning system has two stages: 1. A temporary warning is issued to advise you to take a rest. This message only appears for a short time.

2. If you do not rest and the system continues to detect that your driving deteriorates, it will issue a further warning. This will remain in the information display until you cancel it.

See Information Messages (page 75).

Press OK on the steering wheel control to remove the warning.

System Display

When active the system will run automatically in the background and only issue warnings if required. You can view the status at any time using the information display.

The alertness level is shown by six steps as a colored bar.

Alertness level is fine, no rest required.

Alertness level is critical, indicating that you should take a rest as soon as it is safe to do so.

The status bar will travel from left to right as the calculated alertness level decreases. As the rest icon is approached the color turns from green to yellow and then finally red when a rest break must be taken.

  • Green: No rest required.
  • Yellow: First (temporary) warning.
  • Red: Second warning.

Your alertness level will be shown in grey if:

  • the camera sensor cannot track the road lane markings
  • your vehicle speed drops below approximately 40 mph (65 km/h).

Resetting the System

You can reset the system by:

  • switching the ignition off and on
  • stopping your vehicle and then opening and closing the driver's door.

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