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Parking Aids
Active Park Assist


  • At all times you are responsible for controlling your vehicle, supervising the system and intervening if required.
  • You must observe that the selected space remains clear of obstructions at all times in the manoeuver.
  • The system may not detect parked vehicles with overhanging loads, street furniture or other items. You must make sure that the selected space is suitable for parking.
  • Do not use the system if there is an overhanging item attached to your vehicle roof.
  • Do not use the system if a trailer is attached to your vehicle.
  • Do not use the system if a bike rack is attached to the back of your vehicle.
  • If interrupted before the manoeuvre is completed, the system will turn off. The steering wheel position will not indicate the true position of the steering and you will have to take control of your vehicle.
  • Make sure that your hands, arms and loose clothing do not get caught in the rotating steering wheel.

Note: After a tire change the system will go through a relearning procedure. During this time the system performance may deteriorate.

The system will detect a suitable parallel parking space and steer your vehicle into the space. The system controls the steering while you control the accelerator, transmission and brakes. You can stop the manoeuvre at any time by holding the steering wheel or pressing the active park assist switch. See At a Glance

The system will visually and audibly instruct you throughout the manoeuvre to safely park your vehicle.

Using the System

Note: The sensors may not detect objects in heavy rain or other conditions that cause disruptive reflections.

Note: The sensors may not detect objects with surfaces that absorb ultrasonic waves.

Note: The sensors may not detect the curb.

Note: If the traction control system is disabled active park assist will not be available.

The system may not align your vehicle correctly if:

  • a spare tire or a significantly worn tire more than the other tires is used
  • you use a tire size not recommended by us
  • the tires skid
  • the weather conditions are poor (heavy rain, snow, fog, etc).

Move forward at a maximum speed of 22 mph (35 km/h) and keep a passing distance between 1.3 - 6.6 feet (0.4 - 2 meters) to the parked vehicles or objects.

Press the active park assist switch. See At a Glance (page 11). Use the direction indicator to select searching either to the left-hand side or right-hand side of your vehicle.

Note: If you do not make a selection the system will default to the passenger's side.

Note: The system will not offer a suitable parking space if it does not detect a safe distance to the other object. For example, vehicles parked too close on the opposite side.

Using the System

Note: You can disable the chimes using the information display. See Personalized Settings

The information and entertainment display will inform you and a chime will be heard when a suitable space is found. To park your vehicle, follow the instructions on the information and entertainment display.

Using the System


You must take full control of your vehicle when the speed exceeds 6 mph (10 km/h) as the system is disabled.

Note: The arrow symbols or graphics in the display indicate on which side of your vehicle the system will park. The display will also advise you when to select reverse gear.

Slow down and stop at approximately position A, then follow the system instructions.

Using the System

Cautiously move your vehicle backward using the accelerator and brake pedals.

Parking aid warning tones will sound. Stop your vehicle when you hear a continuous tone.

You can take control of the manoeuvre by holding the steering wheel. If a message appears in the display, press the active park assist switch to resume. See At a Glance

Move your vehicle forward. Stop your vehicle when you hear a continuous tone.

The display will indicate when the system has finished the manoeuvre.

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