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Parking Aids
Principle of Operation


  • The system does not relieve you of your responsibility to drive with due care and attention.
  • If your vehicles has a non-Ford approved trailer tow module the system may not correctly detect objects.
  • The sensors may not detect objects in heavy rain or other conditions that cause disruptive reflections.
  • The sensors may not detect objects with surfaces that absorb ultrasonic waves.
  • The system does not detect objects that are moving away from your vehicle. They will only be detected shortly after they start to move toward your vehicle.
  • Take particular care when reversing with a tow ball arm or a rear fitted accessory. For example, a bicycle carrier. The rear parking aid will only indicate the approximate distance from the rear bumper to an object.
  • If you use a high pressure spray to wash your vehicle, only spray the sensors briefly from a distance not less than eight inches (20 centimeters).

Note: If your vehicle has a tow ball arm, the system is turned off automatically when trailer lamps (or lighting boards) are connected to the 13-pin socket through a Ford approved trailer tow module. Note: Keep the sensors free from dirt, ice or snow. Do not clean with sharp objects. Note: The system may emit false alerts if it detects a signal using the same frequency as the sensors or if your vehicle is fully loaded.

Note: The outer sensors may detect the side walls of a garage. If the distance between the outer sensors and the side wall remains constant for three seconds, the alert will turn off. As you continue the inner sensors will detect objects directly behind your vehicle.

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