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Checking the Tire Pressure


  • Before driving, make sure the tire is adjusted to the recommended inflation pressure. See Technical Specifications  . Monitor the tire pressure until the sealed tire is replaced.

1. Stop your vehicle after driving approximately two miles (three kilometers). Check, and where necessary, adjust the pressure of the damaged tire.

2. Attach the kit and read the tire pressure from the pressure gauge F.

3. If the pressure of the sealant-filled tire is 1.3 bar (19 psi) or more, adjust it to the specified pressure. See Technical Specifications

4. Follow the inflation procedure once again to top up the tire.

5. Check the tire pressure again from the pressure gauge F. If the tire pressure is too high, deflate the tire to the specified pressure using the pressure relief valve B.

6. Once you have inflated the tire to its correct tire pressure, move the compressor switch H to position 0, remove the power plug G from the socket, unscrew the hose C, fasten the valve cap and replace the protective cap A.

7. Leave the sealant bottle K in the bottle holder E and store the kit away safely in its original location.

8. Drive to the nearest tire specialist to get the damaged tire replaced. Before the tire is removed from the rim, inform your tire dealer that the tire contains sealant. You must renew the sealant bottle K and hose C as soon as possible once used.

Note: Remember that this kit only provides temporary mobility. Regulations concerning tire repair after usage of the kit may differ from country to country. You should consult a tire specialist for advice.

Empty sealant bottles can be disposed of together with normal household waste.

Return remains of sealant to an authorized dealer or dispose of it in compliance with local waste disposal regulations.

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