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Using the Kit


  • Compressed air can act as an explosive or propellant which could cause serious personal injury.
  • Never leave the kit unattended while in use.
  • Do not keep the compressor operating for more than 10 minutes.

    This could cause loss of vehicle control or personal injury.

Note: You must only use the kit for the vehicle with which it was supplied.

  • Park your vehicle at the roadside so that you do not obstruct the flow of traffic and so that you are able to use the kit without being in danger.
  • Apply the parking brake, even if you have parked on a level road, to make sure that your vehicle will not move.
  • Do not attempt to remove foreign objects like nails or screws penetrating the tire.
  • Leave the engine running while the kit is in use, but not if your vehicle is in an enclosed or poorly ventilated area (e.g, inside a building). In these circumstances, switch the compressor on with the engine switched off.
  • You must replace the sealant bottle with a new one before the expiry date (see top of bottle).
  • Inform all other users of your vehicle that the tire has been temporarily sealed with the kit. Make them aware of the special driving conditions that must be observed.

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