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Lane Keeping Aid

Switching the System On and Off

Note: The system does not automatically turn on every time you switch the ignition on.

Note:When you switch the system on, this will automatically turn lane keeping alert on.

Switching the System On and Off

Switch the system on and off using the button on the indicator stalk.

Press the button three times to switch the system on. Press the button again to switch the system off.

Setting the System Sensitivity

You can adjust how quickly the system intervenes in a dangerous situation. The system has two sensitivity levels which you can set using the information display.

System Warnings

System Warnings

A column of lane markings are displayed either side of the vehicle graphic

The lane markings are color coded as follows:

  • Green: The system is ready to warn you of any unintentional lane departure.
  • Yellow: The system will automatically apply a steering torque to align your vehicle path and correct any unintended lane drift.
  • Red: Your vehicle is approaching or is too close to the detected lane boundary. The steering wheel will give a vibration warning. Take immediate safe action to reposition your vehicle.

Instances where a lane boundary may be suppressed:

  • Lane markings on the road may not be detected by the sensor.
  • You turn the direction indicator for that side of your vehicle on.
  • If you apply direct steering, accelerate fast or brake hard.
  • Your vehicle speed is outside the operating limits.
  • If there is an anti-lock brake or stability control intervention.
  • Narrow lane width.

Note: You can override the system at any time during its operation by turning the steering wheel.

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