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Lane Keeping Alert

Principle of Operation


  • The system does not relieve you of your responsibility to drive with due care and attention.
  • At all times you are responsible for controlling your vehicle, supervising the system and intervening if required.
  • If the sensor becomes blocked the system may not function.
  • The sensor may incorrectly track lane markings such as other structures or objects. This can result in a false or missed warning.
  • In cold and severe weather conditions the system may not function. Rain, snow, spray and large contrasts in lighting can all influence the sensor.
  • The system will not operate if the sensor cannot track the road lane markings.
  • The system may not operate in areas during roadwork construction.
  • The system may not operate on roads with sharp bends or narrow lanes.
  • Do not carry out windshield repairs in the immediate area surrounding the sensor.
  • If your vehicle has a suspension kit not approved by us, the system may not function correctly.

Note: Keep the windshield free from obstructions such as bird droppings, insects and snow or ice.

Note: The system may assist you when driving on fast main roads and freeways.

Note: The system may not operate during hard braking or acceleration and when you are intentionally steering your vehicle.

Note: The system will operate with a minimum of one tracked lane marking.

Note: The system will only operate above vehicle speeds of approximately 40 mph (65 km/h).

The sensor is located behind the interior mirror. It continuously monitors conditions to alert you of unintentional lane drifting at high speeds.

The system will automatically detect and track the lane markings on the road. If your vehicle unintentionally drifts toward the road lane markings, a warning will be shown in the display. There is also a warning given in the form of a vibration felt through the steering wheel.

Using Lane Keeping Alert

Switching the System On and Off

Note:When you switch the system off, a warning indicator will remain illuminated in the information display. See Warning Lamps and Indicators

Note: The system status and settings will remain unchanged when you switch the ignition on and off.

Using Lane Keeping Alert

Switch the system on and off using the button on the direction indicator stalk.

Press the button twice to switch the system on. Press the button once to switch the system off.

Setting the Steering Wheel Vibration Level

The system has three intensity levels which you can set using the information display.

Setting the System Sensitivity

You can adjust how quickly the system warns you of a dangerous situation. The system has two sensitivity levels which you can set using the information display

System Warnings

System Warnings

A column of lane markings are displayed either side of the vehicle graphic.

The lane markings are color coded as follows:

  • Green: The system is ready to warn you of any unintentional lane departure.
  • Red: Your vehicle is approaching or is too close to the detected lane boundary. Take immediate safe action to reposition your vehicle.
  • Gray: The relevant lane boundary will be suppressed.

Instances where a lane boundary may be suppressed:

  • Lane markings on the road may not be detected by the sensor.
  • You turn the direction indicator for that side of your vehicle on.
  • If you apply direct steering, accelerate fast or brake hard.
  • Your vehicle speed is outside the operating limits.
  • If there is an anti-lock brake or stability control intervention.
  • Narrow lane width.

If the lane markings in the display turn red or you feel a vibration through the steering wheel you must take immediate and safe action to align your vehicle. Correct any unintended lane drift immediately.

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