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Climate Control
Principle of Operation

Outside Air

Keep the air intakes in front of the windshield free from obstruction (such as snow or leaves) to allow the climate control system to function effectively.

Recirculated Air


Prolonged use of recirculated air may cause the windows to mist up. If the windows mist up, follow the settings for demisting the windshield.

The air currently in the passenger compartment recirculates. Outside air does not enter your vehicle.


Heating performance depends on the temperature of the engine coolant.

General Information on Controlling the Interior Climate

Fully close all the windows.

Warming the Interior

Direct the air toward your feet. In cold or humid weather conditions, direct some of the air toward the windshield and the door windows.

Cooling the Interior

Direct the air toward your face.

Air Conditioning

The system directs air through the evaporator for cooling. The evaporator extracts humidity from the air to help keep the windows free of mist. The system directs the resulting condensation to the outside of your vehicle, which may cause a small pool to form under your vehicle.

This is normal.

Note: The air conditioning operates only when the temperature is above 39F (4C).

Note:When you use air conditioning, your vehicle uses more fuel.

Air Vents





Center Console

Center Console

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