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Setting the Vehicle Gap

Note: Use the appropriate gap setting in accordance with local traffic regulations.

Note: The gap setting is time dependent and therefore the distance will automatically adjust with your speed. For example on a gap setting of four bars, the time gap is 1.8 seconds. This will mean that at a speed of 62 mph (100 km/h), the distance to the vehicle in front of you will be maintained at 164 feet (50 meters).

Note: If you depress the accelerator for a short period of time, for example when overtaking, the system will temporarily switch off. It will switch back on when you release the accelerator pedal. A message will be shown in the display.

Note: The gap setting will remain unchanged each time you switch the ignition on.

The distance between you and the vehicle detected in front of you is maintained by a variable setting. This setting is represented by horizontal bars displayed in the information display. Selecting one bar gives the smallest gap and selecting all bars gives the largest gap. These bars are shown empty when in standby mode and filled when the system is in use.

When the system does not detect a vehicle in front of you, you will only see your vehicle displayed in the information display below the bars. The system will maintain the set speed when conditions permit. The system also maintains the set gap and displays this in the information display.

When the system detects a vehicle in front of you, it will be displayed above the horizontal bars.

This is a follow mode. The system will accelerate or decelerate as necessary to maintain the set gap. The selected gap will determine the acceleration behavior of the system.

Pull switch E to decrease the gap or switch D to increase the gap. The number of bars in the information display represents the set gap.

Note:The recommended gap setting is four bars.

Standby Mode

Note: You will cancel the system if you move the transmission selector lever to neutral or depress the clutch or accelerator pedal for a long period of time.

Press the brake pedal or pull switch F to cancel the system. The system will return to standby mode allowing you full manual control of your vehicle. The memory will retain the set speed and gap setting.

Pull switch F again to resume. The system will resume with the previously set speed and gap setting if conditions permit.

Switching the System Off

Press switch C.

Note: This will not retain the stored speed.

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