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Using Adaptive Cruise Control


  • The system is not a crash warning or avoidance system. You must intervene if the system does not detect a vehicle in front of you
  • When you use the system you are responsible for maintaining the correct distance and speed. Always pay attention to the traffic conditions and intervene when the system is not maintaining a suitable speed or distance.
  • The system does not relieve you of your responsibility to drive with due care and attention.
  • The system does not brake for slow or stationary vehicles, pedestrians, objects in the road, oncoming and crossing vehicles.
  • Do not use the system in poor visibility, specifically fog, heavy rain, spray or snow.
  • Do not use the system on icy or slippery roads.
  • Do not use the system when entering or leaving a freeway.

Note: Only use the system when conditions are favorable, for example on freeways and main roads with steady free flowing traffic.

Note: The radar sensor has a limited field of vision. In some situations it may detect a vehicle other than the one expected or not detect any vehicle at all.

Note:When you switch the system on, it is possible that you will hear some unusual sounds during automatic braking. This is normal and caused by the automatic braking system.

Note: Keep the front of your vehicle free from dirt, metal badges or objects. This includes vehicle front protectors and additional lights which may prevent the sensor from operating.

The system is designed to help you maintain a gap from the vehicle in front of you. If there is no vehicle in front of you the system will maintain a set speed. The system is intended to provide enhanced operation of your vehicle when following other vehicles which are in the same lane and traveling in the same direction.

The system is based on the use of a radar sensor which projects a beam directly forward of your vehicle. This beam will detect any vehicle ahead within the system's range.

The radar sensor is located behind the front grille.

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