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Tire Care

Tire Care

To make sure the front and rear tires of your vehicle wear evenly and last longer, we recommend that you swap the tires from front to rear and vice versa at regular intervals of between 3000 and 6000 miles (5000 and 10000 kilometers).


Do not scrub the sidewalls of the tires when you are parking.

If you have to mount a curb, do so slowly and approach it with the wheels at right-angles to the curb.

Examine the tires regularly for cuts, foreign objects and uneven wear of the tread.

Uneven wear could mean that the wheel alignment is outside specification.

Check the tire pressures (including the spare) when cold, every two weeks.

Using Winter Tires

If winter tires are used you must inflate them to the same tire pressures as those listed in the tire pressure table. See Technical Specifications

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