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Batteries normally produce explosive gases which may cause personal injury, therefore do not allow flames, sparks or lighted substances to come near the battery. When charging or working near the battery always shield your face and protect your eyes. Always provide adequate ventilation. Failure to follow these instructions may result in personal injury.

The supplemental restraint system (SRS) is active for a certain length of time after the power supply has been disconnected.

Wait for a minimum of 3 minutes before disconnecting or removing any SRS components.

Audio unit key code saving devices must not be used when working on supplemental restraint or fuel systems.

When using these devices the vehicle electrical system is still live but with a reduced current flow. Failure to follow this instruction may result in personal injury.

CAUTION: Make sure the engine is not running before disconnecting the battery ground cable to avoid damage to the vehicle electrical system.

NOTE: Disconnecting the battery will erase fault codes, drive values and customer data stored in the modules. NOTE: This procedure should be used to disconnect the battery while carrying out repairs that refer to the battery being disconnected.

1. Refer to: Battery and Battery Charging Health and Safety Precautions (100-00 General Information, Description and Operation).

2. Obtain and record the audio unit keycode and preset radio frequencies.



1. Torque: 15 Nm


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    Battery Disconnect and Connect


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