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Cabriolet vehicles

The body of a cabriolet vehicle is different to the self-supporting body of a saloon car because of the special roof construction (folding top). The stability requirements must therefore be ensured by construction changes within the body structure.

Cabriolet vehicles

These are for instance:

  • Longitudinal and torsional reinforcing components which compensate for the lack of the roof.
  • Reinforcements to the floor assembly, particularly in the rocker panel area.
  • Reinforcements in the pillar areas.
  • High-strength and ultra-high-strength steel panels with single panel thicknesses of up to 2.5 mm, which in combination can become up to 6mm thick (e.g. reinforcements in the floor area, rocker panels).

If deformation to load carrying components occurs, the stability of the whole body shell can be adversely affected.

On a cabriolet, accident damage repair to the components mentioned above is considerably different in certain aspects compared with the usual repairs (closed body construction):

  • A model specific alignment angle system must always be used during straightening and repair work, securing using clamps at the rocker panel area is not always adequate for the cabriolet.
  • To avoid damage to the doors, they must always be open during straightening work. In the case of more severe damage, additional tension and compression spindles must be used to stabilize the door cut-outs (between the A- and B-pillars).
  • In load bearing areas such as the rocker panels, side members and floor pan, increased straightening forces are necessary due to the additional reinforcements.
  • NOTE: Additional information on welding can be found in the section Welding Equipment and Joining Techniques.

    High-power welding equipment for panel thicknesses in overall combination of up to 6 mm total material thickness.

  • The fitting accuracy and longitudinal rigidity of the affected component is especially important to ensure that the doors, door windows and the roof fit and close correctly.

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