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Straightening repairs are often required to restore the original body shape. To do this, the vehicle must be placed on a straightening jig so that a pulling device can be used.

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Straightening is considered as the process of pulling out the deformed body parts, up to cutting out the parts that need replacing. If distorted components remain on the vehicle, then the term alignment work is used.

Body straightening requires practice and experience. Before starting body straightening, the exact direction of impact must be determined. The straightening force must be applied in the opposite direction to that of the impact. Only in this way can it be guaranteed that the original shape will be achieved again.

Note the following points during the process of body straightening:

  • Secure the pulling unit with a safety cable.
  • Do not remove bonded glass prior to straightening
  • Never apply heat during straightening.
  • If necessary, open doors or hoods/lids/liftgates during straightening.
  • Check dimensions and gaps continuously during straightening
  • High-strength steel panels have a stronger tendency to retain their deformed shape
  • During the straightening repairs, monitor the attachment of the pulling unit to the vehicle.
  • Carry out the straightening work in several stages, never in one pulling process. This prevents the risk of overstretching and of joints tearing out.
  • During individual straightening steps (under a pulling load), relieve tension by striking the deformed areas with an aluminum hammer while they are still under tension.

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