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General information

A broken pasted seam can cause water to enter around the window. A broken pasted seam can be located using a water test or by carefully blowing compressed air onto the inside of the window seal.

General information

Corrective action

Broken adhesive seams -Arrow- can be sealed from inside using PU glass adhesive.

If this seal does not resolve the problem or the broken pasted seam is too extensive, it is necessary to remove the window and glue it back into place.

Door seals

If water appears at the bottom of the door, it is possible that the door seal behind the door trim is damaged. If the door is intact, water can enter through the window weatherstrip and flow out through gaps on the underside of the door. If the door seal adhesion is faulty or the door seal is damaged, water can get into the interior.

Door seals

Description Description
1 Seal/adhesion
2 Clips
3 Door speaker

Door weatherstrip

Fastening bolts could be loose or clips incorrectly positioned on door modules.

Corrective action

Depending on the door seals used, different sealing methods can be used.

NOTE: The drainage holes on the underside of the door may not be blocked - if they are, clean them.

Defective films and foam seals must be replaced.

Once the adhesive surfaces have been cleaned, plastic films must be stuck with double-sided adhesive tape or replaced.

Leaky foam seals are sealed with Butyl tape or replaced.

Plastic door modules are fitted with a weatherstrip, which cannot be replaced. Seal the leaky point with Butyl tape or replace the part.

Door weatherstrip

Door weatherstrip

Leaks can be caused by badly fitted seals. In particular, areas with radii -Arrow- must be thoroughly checked.

Door seals can develop leaks due to:

  • Damaged or expanded seals.
  • Ageing.
  • Insufficient contact pressure.
  • Inadequate contact area for seal on body part.
  • Uneven welded flange thickness because of several layers of body panels or production tolerances.
  • Kinks.

The contact pressure of a seal can be determined using a strip of paper. If a strip of paper trapped in the closed door can be pulled out easily, the contact pressure is too low.

To resolve

  • Replace damaged or aged seals. Prevent kinks.
  • The contact pressure can be changed by adjusting the catch bolt or correcting the panel flange.
  • Even out the uneven welded flange thicknesses.

    Properly repair any paint damage that occurs.

    If the bodywork flanges are very uneven, appropriate alignment work must be performed.

    Pay particular attention here to the new corrosion protection which needs to be applied afterwards.

  • If water entry is caused by a spot weld (burr on the surface), this must be rectified and appropriate corrosion protection applied.

Tailgate sealing rubber

Tailgate sealing rubber

Leaks at the tailgate rubber seal have the same causes and remedial measures as for door rubber seals. Especially vulnerable areas -arrows- must be thoroughly checked.

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