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Exterior Lighting
Headlamp Adjustment

General Equipment

Headlamp Beam Setter

All Vehicles

1. NOTE: Make sure that the tire pressures are to specification and that the vehicle is unladen.

NOTE: Only use a damp cloth to clean the headlamp lens to avoid any electrostatic charging.

Ensure that the adjustment is made with the suspension set up.

2. Place the vehicle on a level surface.

Vehicles with conventional headlamps 3. Repeatedly operate the headlamp leveling switch and then set it to "0".

Vehicles with adaptive front lighting

4. Use the diagnostic tool to make certain that the front wheels are in the straight ahead position.

Vehicles with gas discharge headlamps

5. Calibrate the headlamp leveling system using the diagnostic tool.

All Vehicles

6. NOTE: Always follow the manufacturer's instructions when handling the equipment.

Set the measuring screen of the beam setting equipment to the correct headlamp adjustment setting.

Refer to: Specifications (417-01 Exterior Lighting, Specifications).

General Equipment: Headlamp Beam Setter 7. Switch on dipped beam.

8. Adjust the dipped beams so that the light/dark boundary touches the horizontal line.

Headlamp Adjustment

9. NOTE: It is acceptable for a stray portion of the low beam to cross the 15 line.

Adjust the headlamps so that the rising line of the boundary line lies at the intersection of horizontal line and the 15 degree line (left-hand drive vehicle shown)

Headlamp Adjustment

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    Ford Kuga Service Manual / Exterior Lighting / Headlamp Adjustment

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