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Integral body-frame

In this method of construction, coverings, reinforcements, retaining panels and profiles are permanently joined together using a variety of joining techniques (gluing, spot welding, laser welding, soft soldering or brazing). The load-bearing function of the structure must always be achieved in each case.

There is no distinction made between components which are purely subject to bending/torsion or thrust loads and parts which perform sealing/covering functions (as in non-monocoque bodywork for example). In modern passenger vehicles, monocoque bodywork is very widespread and offers the advantages of a lightweight and low-cost construction.

Integral body-frame

The rigidity of the bodywork is achieved by a panel skin and panel cross-section with the largest possible profile and therefore the largest resisting torque (such as for instance the rocker panel).

Swage lines in the outer area of the bodywork increase the stiffness and the natural vibration frequency, to prevent possible drumming noises.

The mounting points for ancillary components such as doors and wings are permanently built into the monocoque bodywork.

High rigidity of the bodywork is vitally important to keep the elastic deformations low at the joins to the ancillary components and to prevent noise when driving. Small gap dimensions are therefore only possible on vehicles with very stiff bodywork.

With high bodywork stiffness, the construction can exert an influence on the handling of the vehicle (e.g. on poor road surfaces).

Advantages of monocoque bodywork:

  • Weight reduction.
  • Economical manufacturing technology
  • High torsional rigidity and high flexural strength.
  • Defined deformation behavior at the front and rear.
  • Maximum passive safety due to the strong passenger compartment

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