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Lead loading

Despite good external panel beating techniques, it is not always possible to rectify every surface unevenness. For this reason, application of lead loading is an important part of panel beating.

CAUTION: Poisonous gases and dust can be produced when working solder. Use an extraction unit and, if required, a protective mask.

NOTE: Since 07/2003, lead compounds have been ruled out for production. Appropriate lead-free tin solders and pastes must also be used in the workshop. Typical application areas:

  • Body components with limited or no access from the rear.
  • Body components with very narrow cross-section.
  • Body components which are particularly exposed or which can move.
  • Weld seams of partial repairs.
  • Rocker panel areas, wheel arch edges, side panel areas.
  • Doors, hood, luggage compartment lid.
  • Swage lines and joint areas.

Tin has the following advantages:

  • Excellent bonding on bare metal surfaces.
  • Good moulding properties.
  • Good properties for the production of shapes and contours.
  • Permanent shape.
  • Heat expansion is the same as steel.

To create a basis for the actual lead loading process, a lead loading paste is first applied to the panel. The paste is then heated and wiped away with a cloth. Now the tin can be applied and moulded with a brazing block.

After the repair site has cooled down, it is worked using for example the body plane until the surface is smooth and has no transitions.

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    Lead loading

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