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Painting process and corrosion protection

In production, painting consists of individual steps which are optimally matched to each other.

Bodywork consists almost entirely of steel panels which have been pre-coated with zinc. The zinc layer is between 5-10 |jm thick and acts as the first corrosion protection layer of the steel panel.

Production sequence:

Clean and de-grease

  • In the first step, the bare bodywork is initially dipped in a cleaning bath and cleaned with a degreasing solution.


  • The cleaned bodywork is dipped in a bath containing various phosphate salt solutions.

    This creates a crystalline metal-phosphate layer which offers the optimal prepared surface and also corrosion protection.

CDP base

  • The cataphoretic dip paint (CDP) base acts as a further corrosion protection layer.
  • In this process the bodywork is completely immersed in a bath consisting of a paint and electrolyte solution.
  • By application of an electric voltage, an electric field is created.
  • Positively charged paint particles settle on the negatively charged bodywork and form a protective layer up to 20 |jm thick.
  • Next the bodywork is placed in a dryer, where the CDP base is hardened at 180C.

Sealing, stone-chip protection

  • Edges, seams and but joints are sealer with a sealing compound.
  • Vulnerable areas are coated with stone-chip protection.


  • Filler protects the body panels from stone impacts. Furthermore, any unevenness of the metal surface is flattened out, in order to create the most homogenous and fault-free undersurface possible.
  • Once the filler is dry, it serves as the base on which paint is applied.

Top coat

  • The top coat is applied as a single layer or two layers of paint.
  • When working with two layer paint, in the first job step the initial colored base paint is applied. In the second job step, a clear lacquer is applied, giving the base paint shine and hardness.

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