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Personal protection

Besides the body and limbs, several organs vital to life are in very particular danger. Because damage is mostly irreparable, special attention and comprehensive protection is necessary.

Protective equipment

Always use the appropriate protective equipment:

  • Protective helmet or welding mask
  • Breathing protection
  • Protective clothes gloves and safety boots
  • Ear defenders
  • Extraction systems

Always carry out an operational check on your protective equipment every time before you start working!

Breathing protection

WARNING: Vapor or spray mist containing isocyanates as a paint base or hardener can cause toxic respiratory disease (conditions similar to asthma) leading to permanent damage, even when inhaled in the lowest concentrations

The instructions for use provided by the manufacturer must be observed when working with breathing protection equipment.

During painting work and in the preparations for painting, gases, vapors, mists or dusts can appear in dangerous concentrations.

Breathing protection devices which are independent of the local atmosphere are most suitable.

In these types of isolation systems, a compressed air hose carries natural air from the compressor line into the protective mask. During supply, the air undergoes pressure reduction, water removal, fine filtration and usually warming to natural breath temperature.

Breathing protection

Item Description
1 Protective hood with fresh air supply
2 Protective clothing
3 Protective gloves
4 Protective footwear

Only for short periods of work or minimal concentrations of hazardous substances breathing protection devices with a combination filter is suitable as breathing protection equipment.

Breathing protection

Item Description
1 Activated charcoal filter
2 Coarse filter

Filter masks with wadding, sponge or colloid filters and also paper masks are all unsuitable for working with coating materials because they do not stop solvent vapors.

Eye protection

Cutting grinding welding solvents and paint bear fundamental risks for your eyes.

Damage ranging from irritation of the cornea to incurable illnesses is possible.

Solvents and paint - even water based - could not only be absorbed via your skin but also via your eyes.

Therefore always wear the appropriate eye protection for your work.

Protective goggles must be inert toward splashes of solvent, and must have side protection. Best protection during spray painting is offered by full mask respirators or helmet respirators with built-in visor.

Skin protection

Spray painters must wear suitable protective work clothing (flame-proof and anti-static). Also, when working with water based materials, comprehensive skin protection must be worn, because these materials are very easily absorbed through the skin.

Change your protective clothing at proper intervals.

Clothes contaminated with coating materials can easily catch fire.

Do not choose clothes or underwear with a large content of easy melting synthetic fiber, because this material considerably increases the danger and degree of injuries (melted plastic on the skin!).

For areas of the skin which are not covered by protective clothing suitable skin protection cleaning and care agents must be used.

Ear protection

Cutting grinding compressors and extractor fans and ducts are the main sources of noise in body and paint shops.

Always wear suitable ear protection like ear plugs or ear defenders.

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