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Welding gases and grinding dusts can be harmful to the health. For this reason, make sure that rooms are well ventilated and work using the welding fumes extraction system. Sealants, underbody protection and paint residues must not be burnt down with an unshielded flame, as this will produce gases which are damaging to health.

A dedicated extraction system must always be used when welding or brazing.

When working with substances containing solvents, good ventilation must be provided, respiratory protection must be worn and an extraction system must be used.

Do not weld in damp areas, if necessary use an insulation mat. Welding and grinding work near the battery presents the danger of explosion. For this reason, it must be removed before the work is started.

Cutting, grinding and alignment work on metal panels can cause a noise level of 85 to 90 dB (A) or even more. For this reason, you must always wear ear defenders.

The various body areas are subject to very high forces during realignment work. Should any component suddenly become detached during this process, there is a very great danger of injury. For this reason, pulling chains and pulling shackles must be secured with arrester cables.

NOTE: Work on airbag systems may only be performed by persons who have a relevant certificate of competence.

Some special instructions must be followed when working on airbag systems:

  • Always stand to the side of it when removing or installing an airbag.
  • Always store an airbag or an airbag/steering wheel with the airbag side pointing upwards and in a safe place.
  • Only install the airbag again when the vehicle is fully repaired and the complete electrical systems has been tested
  • Take into account the location of air curtains and shoulder airbags.

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