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Windshield wipers

The windshield wash/wipe system is controlled by the GEM.

The front wiper blades are flat blades. These offer the following advantages over conventional wiper blades:

  • reduced noise when operating
  • improved wiping because of the reduced tendency to lift up at high vehicle speeds
  • lower installed height

Front wiper

Front wiper

Item Description
1 Wiper arms
2 Wiper linkage assembly
3 Home position markings, upper wiper arm
4 Front wiper motor
5 Home position markings, lower wiper arm

The home position markings show the correct position for assembly and removal of the wiper arms.

In order to remove and install the wiper blades, the windshield wiper arms must be run to their maintenance position (upper reversal point). To do this:

  • Switch on the ignition
  • Move the windshield wiper lever to position I.
  • Switch off the ignition when the windshield wiper arms have reached the upper reversal point.

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