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Assessm ent Type of wind noises Place of origin
Normal "Normal" wind noises Roof, side windows
Normal Noises caused partly by changes in the direction of air flow and by air flow around separate components A-pillars, outside mirrors, antennas
Serious Noises caused by vibrating seals Door gaps too large, door/ window seals not making firm contact
Serious Air escape and air passage noises Leaks in the bodywork/ sealing system
Serious Cavity noises Unsealed bodywork cavities

Those noises listed under "Serious" indicate a possible source of the fault.

Workshop diagnosis

There are two ways that the level of noise in the vehicle interior can be reduced and the character of the noise can be improved through assessment and diagnosis in the service department:

  • Reducing the intensity of the noise sources.
  • Reducing the noise transfer routes.

Before carrying out repair work, a visual inspection of the vehicle must be carried out. The gaps in the doors, the sunroof and at all other body parts must be checked in particular.

When the doors are adjusted to fit exactly, development of wind noises at high speeds can often be eliminated (lifting of doors off the seals).

Furthermore, the following points should be noted:

  • The windows and doors must be fully closed.
  • The air guides and air grilles must be correctly seated.
  • All of the trim strips and plastic components must be firmly fixed down without gaps.
  • All blanking plugs present.

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