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Alignment systems

NOTE: All the equipment for body work and painting work can be ordered online via the Wielander & Schill service portal

Straightening and alignment repairs are often required to restore a vehicle body to its original shape after accident damage.

Universal aligning and measuring systems and universal alignment angle systems are suitable for this work.

Alignment systems

Des cript ion Description
1 Universal aligning and measuring system
2 Universal alignment angle system

Basically, the aligning and measuring system must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Universally applicable to all types of passenger car. Can also be used on light commercial and off-road vehicles.
  • Accepts the forces involved during straightening.
  • High stability and mobility.
  • Can accept all or part of the weight of the vehicle.
  • Quick to set up.
  • Simple to use.

Stationary design with drive-on ramp.

Height-adjustable aligning platform.

Universal gauge extensions with fast anchoring ability around the whole circumference of the aligning platform.

  • Facility to test individual body measurement points, with or without aggregates being removed.

Alignment angle devices survey the vehicle at several points on the body. These are usually points which are also used in production. In addition, a recording over the rocker panels is possible. A measuring system is not needed, because the necessary body points are specified with gauges. For this purpose, vehicle specific or universal gauges are available.

Universal alignment systems consist of a vehicle mounting (universal clamps at the rocker panels) and a pulling device. In addition, a measuring system is required.

NOTE: Because universal clamps are used, the rocker panel area must be reworked for optical and corrosion protection reasons after the repair is completed.

Pay attention to the following points:

  • Clean the attachment areas.
  • Anchor the vehicle free of stress on the relevant system.
  • Support the aggregates to take strain off the body.

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