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Auxiliary Climate Control
Auxiliary Climate Control - Overview

Initial start-up of the fuel-fired booster heater

The fuel-fired booster heater needs to be filled before being taken into operation for the first time.

Activation of the fuel pump for the fuel-fired booster heater is controlled by the Ford diagnostic unit.


Flame sensor

If the flame goes out independently during operation of the booster heater, a restart is carried out. If the booster heater does not ignite within 90 seconds of fuel delivery or if the flame goes out within 15 minutes of starting, a lockout will be implemented by the flame sensor.

Lockout can be cancelled by switching the booster heater off then on again, although this may only be repeated at most 2 times.

Overheating sensor

In the event of overheating (water shortage, poorly ventilated coolant circuit), the fuel supply to the booster heater is interrupted and a lockout occurs.

After the cause of the overheating has been eliminated, the booster heater can be started again by switching it off and on, if the coolant temperature is below 70C. If the booster heater overheats ten times in a row, the control unit will be locked.

Unlocking the control unit

Delete the fault memory of the fuel-fired booster heater after eliminating the cause of the fault using the Ford diagnostic unit.

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