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Cylinder block

The cylinder block consists of three parts. These are the cylinder block, the lower crankcase and the sump pan. The cylinder block has five cylinder liners made of cast iron, which cannot be replaced.

The pistons are made of a homogeneous aluminum alloy with a graphite coating on the sides. This coating serves to reduce friction and dampen noise.

The pistons are cooled from below via oil-spray nozzles screwed into the cylinder block.



Item Description
1 Crankshaft
2 Timing belt pulley
3 Dowel
4 Timing belt pulley splines
5 Wide spline
6 Crankshaft outer splines
7 Crankshaft inner splines

Located on the drive side of the crankshaft are two sets of splines. The inner splines drive the oil pump. The outer splines engage in the timing belt pulley. The timing belt pulley can only be fitted onto the outer splines in a particular position. For this purpose, one spline on the timing belt pulley and one on the crankshaft have been made wider. The dowel fixes the vibration damper in place.

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    Cylinder block

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