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When searching for faults, it must be taken into account that water can enter the vehicle passenger compartment in various ways and circumstances.

Therefore, it is sometimes not sufficient to perform a water test on a stationary vehicle.

Before beginning extensive checks, a thorough visual inspection must be carried out. The following points are to be taken into account in the process:

  • Check the clearance and accurate fit of ancillary components such as the trunk lid and doors.
  • Check for correct installation and possible damage to sealing elements such as blanking plugs, seals and rubber door seals.
  • Check that the water runoff openings and pipes are free of obstructions

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    Test method

    Test with UV lamp

    Chalk/powder test

    Smoke test

    Stethoscope test

    Ultrasonic detection

    Workflow for tracing water entry

    Possible complaints and corrective actions

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