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Smoke test

Flow checking device

Flow checking device

Description Description
1 Test pipe
2 Test pipe opener
3 Puffer ball

Operating principle

The flow checking device is a set made up of a flow-testing pipe, a test pipe opener, puffer ball and closing-off caps for the pipe.

The test pipe contains a filling layer which is impregnated with fuming sulfuric acid. When air is blown through the pipe by the puffer ball, sulfuric acid is emitted as an aerosol in the form of a white smoke.

NOTE: Pay attention to the instructions for use and the safety directions issued by the manufacturer.

The smoke test can only be performed in a draft-free environment.

This test can be used to detect leaks visually.


  • Break off both tips of the pipe in the pipe opener, in exceptional cases in the top of the packaging.
  • Insert the pipe into the puffer ball so there are no leaks
  • Close the hole in the puffer ball with your thumb and press the air contained in the ball through the pipe.
  • Set the ventilation blower in the passenger compartment to the highest setting.
  • Close all doors so that a slight overpressure can build up in the passenger compartment.
  • Move the smoke pipe along the outside of the body to the areas to be checked.
  • Leaks can be detected through the irregular movement of the smoke.

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