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Although these days plastics can be produced in all colors and with a matt or gloss surface, painting is often necessary.

NOTE: Manufacturer's limitations concerning the feasibility of painting certain components must always be observed.

Reasons in favor of applying paint to plastic are:

  • Individual coloring, matching the body paint.
  • More gloss and color brilliance through painting
  • Removal of production imperfections.
  • Protection from atmospheric exposure.

Nowadays painting plastic presents no problems because the materials are known and matched to the paint. In order that the painter can use the correct painting materials, the type of plastic must first be correctly determined.

To allow this, plastics are marked on the rear in accordance with the recommendations of the Association of Vehicle Manufacturers.

Once the type of plastic is determined it is an easy matter to assign special paint recommendations, matched to that particular plastic. Unmarked plastics require knowledge of materials so that a correct choice of paint materials can be made and the component can be reliably painted.

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