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Painting new components

It is absolutely vital that the substrate of an unpainted new component is free of separating agent. Paint can only be applied directly to very few plastics. The plastic must first be identified exactly and then worked with a repair system which is matched to the type of plastic. In most cases a plastic etch primer must be applied as adhesion base to all plastics which can be painted.

NOTE: Plastics have a tendency to become electrostatically charged. This can easily cause contamination during painting. Special antistatic cleaning cloths prevent electrostatic charging.

Work process for thermoplastics:

  • Thoroughly clean the surface.
  • Temper the plastic.
  • Afterwards clean with antistatic cleaner or antistatic cloths.
  • Apply the bonding agent.
  • Apply elastic filler. After it has dried, sand and clean.
  • Apply one coat Uni-paint with elasticizer additive. For two layer painting the elasticizer additive is in the clear lacquer.

NOTE: Follow the paint manufacturer's guidelines during all work.

Work process for thermosets:

  • As a rule, thermosets can be handled in the same way as normal body components.

Work process for PUR soft foam:

  • The work process is the same as for thermoplastic.
  • Instead of using bonding agent, a filler wash is applied to close the pores of the PUR soft foam.

The primer which has been applied to a primed new component can vary greatly. If no manufacturer's data is available, the composition and suitability for further working must be tested.

Painted components with an already ascertained and intact paint coat present no problems for possible repainting. After sanding and careful cleaning with plastic cleaner or thinners, painting can be done directly.

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