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Hazardous materials designations

Many accidents occur because of ignorance. In the area of personal health protection, it is particularly important to clearly emphasize sources of danger and their effects on human organs.

Only with knowledge of hazardous material designations can it be certain that the necessary precautions are taken when handling substances which are harmful to health.

NOTE: Pay attention to the manufacturer's data on the containers and given in the Safety Data Sheet.

Hazardous material symbols

Hazardous material symbols

Item Description
1 Very poisonous, T+ (extremely toxic), small quantities can be fatal.
2 Poisonous, T (toxic), causes serious damage to health
3 Corrosive, C (corrosive), destroys living tissue
4 Harmful to health, Xn (noxious).
5 Irritant, Xi (irritant), can cause inflammation.
6 Explosive
7 Highly flammable, F+ (extremely flammable), already flammable at temperatures below 0 C.
8 Flammable, F (flammable), forms a flammable mixture with air.
9 Oxidizing, O (oxidizing), reacts with combustible substances.

As well as the danger symbols, there is more comprehensive manufacturer's information to be found on the containers and in the Safety Data Sheets, and you must pay attention to this information.

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