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Installing a Road Wheel


  • Make sure that the arrows on directional tires point in the direction of rotation when your vehicle is moving forward. If you have to fit a spare wheel with the arrows pointing in the opposite direction, have the tire refitted in the correct direction by an authorized dealer.
  • Use only approved wheel and tire sizes. Using other sizes could damage your vehicle and will make the National Type Approval invalid. See Technical Specifications

Do not fit run flat tires on vehicles that were not originally fitted with them. See an authorized dealer for more details about compatibility.


  • Do not install alloy wheels using lug nuts designed for use with steel wheels.
  • Lug nuts are subject to change. You must make sure that you use only the specific lug nuts and wheels supplied for your vehicle. If in doubt see an authorized dealer.
  • Make sure there is no lubrication (grease or oil) on the threads or the surface between the wheel lugs and nuts. This can cause the lug nuts to loosen while driving.

Note: The lug nuts of alloy wheels and spoked steel wheels can also be used for the steel spare wheel for a short time (maximum two weeks).

Note:Make sure the wheel and hub contact surfaces are free from foreign matter.

Note: Make sure that the cones on the lug nuts are against the wheel.

1. Install the wheel.

2. Install the lug nuts finger tight.

3. Install the locking lug nut key.

Installing a Road Wheel

4. Partially tighten the lug nuts in the sequence shown.

5. Lower your vehicle and remove the jack.

6. Fully tighten the lug nuts in the sequence shown. See Technical Specifications

7. Install the wheel trim using the ball of your hand.


Have the lug nuts checked for tightness and the tire pressure checked as soon as possible.

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