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Removing a Road Wheel


  • Park your vehicle in such a position that neither the traffic nor you are hindered or endangered.
  • Set up a warning triangle.
  • Make sure that your vehicle is on firm, level ground with the wheels pointing straight ahead.
  • Switch the ignition off and apply the parking brake.
  • If your vehicle has a manual transmission, select first or reverse gear. If it has an automatic transmission, select park.
  • Have the passengers leave your vehicle.
  • Secure the diagonally opposite wheel with an appropriate block or wheel chock.
  • Do not work underneath your vehicle when it is supported only by a jack.
  • Make sure that the jack is vertical to the jacking point and the base is flat on the ground.

Note: The spare wheel is located under the floor cover in the luggage compartment.

1. Install the locking lug nut key.

Removing a Road Wheel

2. Slacken the lug nuts.

3. Jack up your vehicle until the tire is clear of the ground.

4. Remove the lug nuts and the wheel.

Note: Do not lay alloy wheels face down on the ground, this will damage the paint.

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