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WARNING: If the brake system hydraulic fluid level is low, pedal travel is excessive or a hydraulic leak is found, do not attempt to road test the vehicle until the reason for the low fluid level, excessive pedal travel or hydraulic leak is found and rectified.

It is suggested that pre-test checks and functional tests of those systems and circuits which affect the safe and legal operations of the vehicle, such as brakes, lights and steering, should always be carried out before the road or roller test.

With the ignition switched off, check:

  • the engine oil level.
  • the engine coolant level.
  • the tires, for correct pressure, compatible types and tread patterns, and wear within limits.
  • that there is sufficient fuel in the tank to complete the test.
  • all around the engine, transmission and under the vehicle for oil, coolant, hydraulic and fuel leaks. Make a note of any apparent leaks and wipe off the surrounding areas to make it easier to identify the extent of the leak on completion of the test.

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