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Road or Roller Testing

CAUTION: If road testing, check the brake operation while still traveling at low speed before continuing with the test. If the brakes pull to one side, or appear to be otherwise faulty, do not continue with the road test until the fault has been found and rectified.

During the road or roller test, check:

  • that the clutch pedal operation is not stiff or heavy.
  • that the initial gear engagement is smooth and there is no evidence of clutch drag.
  • that the parking brake control operates smoothly and releases quickly and completely.
  • that the clutch takes up the drive smoothly, without slip or judder.
  • that gear changing is smooth with no abnormal noises or vibrations from the transmission.
  • the engine power output is satisfactory, full power is achieved, acceleration is smooth and pedal operation is not stiff or heavy, and engine speed returns to idle correctly.
  • there is no excessive or abnormally colored smoke from the engine under normal driving, heavy load or overrun conditions.
  • that steering operation, including power steering (if equipped), is smooth, accurate, not excessively heavy or with excessive free play or vibration.
  • that the steering does not pull to one side and self centers smoothly after cornering.
  • that the speedometer, coolant temperature gauge and tachometer (if equipped) register the correct readings and operate correctly.
  • that the switches and controls operate smoothly and positively, warning and indicator lamps operate correctly and the direction indicator control self cancels when the steering is returned to the straight ahead position.
  • that the heating and ventilation systems operate correctly and effectively.
  • the brake operation and efficiency.

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