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Climate Control System
Refrigerant Oil Adding

CAUTION: Collect the refrigerant oil in a clean measuring cylinder.

1. NOTE: This step only needs to be carried out when removing the A/C compressor.

NOTE: Rotate the compressor shaft at least 6 to 8 turns when draining the refrigerant oil.

Drain the refrigerant oil from the defective A/C compressor and dispose of it.


  • The refrigerant oil top-up quantity must not exceed the refrigerant oil fill quantity.
  • If other A/C components are being renewed in addition to the A/C compressor, there is no need to top up with additional refrigerant oil, apart from filling the compressor.

Top up with the calculated quantity of new refrigerant oil. See: Specifications (412-00 Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning - General information, Specifications).

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    Ford Kuga Service Manual / Climate Control System / Refrigerant Oil Adding

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